What kind of printing services do you provide?

Direct to garment printing (Which is most of what we produce), Custom full color vinyl stickers, Embroidery, and Silk Screening. Pricing for Direct to Garment printing and Stickers are on our Pricing page. Pricing for Embroidery and Silk Screen are on a per job basis.

What kind of process do you use to print shirts?

Most of what we do is direct to garment printing which is a relatively new way of printing shirts that allows us to print full color and photo quality on shirts without any screens or set-up charges, and without a minimum order size. Basically we have several large ink-jet printers that print directly onto the garment.

What are some of the benefits of your Direct to Garment Digital Printing?

No setup charges or any screen fees, mainly because we don’t use any screens, and no minimums. Because we use digital files to send to the printers we are able to print photo quality work and we don’t price a job based on colors per design unlike silk screening.

What can you print on?

Basically anything on 100% cotton for dark colored shirts and 50/50 cotton, polyester blend for light colored shirts. We can print shirts,hoodies, tote bags, panties, organic clothing, quilting squares. For a better idea on the wide range of things we can print on go to our Catalog Page and remember the fiber content.

Can you print on black and dark shirts?

Yes we can. We have to pre-treat the garment and lay down a base color of white on underneath the design. It does cost extra to use print on dark shirts because of the white ink; compared to when the shirt is light and we don’t have to use white.

How long does a print using your technology usually last?

When printing on light colored shirts and we don’t have to use white ink, the print will last forever because it is dyed into the fabric of the shirt. When we have to use white ink the print is laying on top of the shirt instead of being dyed in the shirt like printing on light colored shirts, so it will last a little shorter than it being silk screened.

If a print using white ink on a dark shirt won’t last as long silk screening, then why shouldn’t I have it silk screened?

We still print in photo quality using white ink and in full color with no minims or screen fees. Madshirtz is capable of printing designs that even the best silk screeners wouldn’t do no matter how much you pay them.

How large can you print?

14x16 inches.

What can I do to make sure my print comes out the best?

You can give the image in a vector format like an Adobe Illustrator or an EPS file. If you don’t have any of those we would like an image as a Adobe Photoshop File or a JPG at as big as possible at 300 DPI or 300 PPI. Basically the quality of image you give us is what we print wether that is good or bad.

Can I use an image from the web?

Yes, but unless you get a large image from the internet most likely it will be pixilated and won’t print very well. Because images on the web are compressed, they can lack a lot of data necessary for printing. Just grabbing an image from the web and stretching does not help because that just pixilated the image and makes it look bad. Unlike on television there isn’t anything we can do about a pixilated image.

What happens if the graphic I give you is too poor to print?

We can try to find a better image but if we can’t we can try to rebuild it but that takes time and money.

Do you offer design services?
Yes and our fee is 60 dollars an hour billed in 15 minute increments.

Whate is your turn around time?

It’s 10-14 days for orders over 5 shirts. MADShirtz does specialize in fast turn around and delivery, but we have production schedules and folks that order with the correct lead time. What that means is - poor planning your part does not constitute an emergency on our part - unless you’re willing to pay for us to assume the emergency. For a price on a rush job go to the Pricing page.