Our guarantee is simple.  No loopholes, no legaleze, no BS.

Either you like the shirts we make for you, or you don't pay a dime.  Its that simple.

Just let us know, and we'll make it right, or we'll refund your payment.

These are the simple rules that we have set for ourselves:

In all things, we put the client's best interest first. When our clients succeed, we succeed. It is a simple idea, but one that has worked throughout the history of business, and indeed, the history of man.

We offer organic options to our clients whenever possible. By offering organic garments, we not only help the environment, but we also help the American farmers that have committed to sustainable farming practices.

When we need a service, we use the best possible option that is closest to our own location. By keeping things local, we improve service while lowering our carbon footprint and supporting a healthy local economy.

We promise less than we can deliver and deliver more than we promise. We would rather have our clients pleasantly surprised by the speed of delivery and quality of our products.

We conduct our business in an environmentally friendly manner. This applies to our printers and organic clothing, but also encompasses recycling, re-use, and the ways that we heat and cool our building.

It is easy to maintain good business ethics when you use your personal ethics as a guide. We simply look to do the right thing when we have the choice.

Crazy Jason